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Struggling to cope with data protection challenges for your ever growing number of remote offices? Is your backup "hit-or-miss" due to limited onsite IT staff, inadequate WAN bandwidth, shorter backup windows, and administrative-intensive and failure-prone tape hardware? Are you exposing sensitive corporate data to lose or theft? Are lengthy recovery times threatening business continuity?

Join us at this webinar to learn about backup and recovery using EMC Avamar's global data de-duplication technology. See how Avamar reduces the size of data at the source for fast backup and recovery for remote offices, LAN-attached servers, and VMware environments. Also hear about the latest product news from EMC Avamar.

The next generation of storage is giving organisations better transparency into their environments. Join Clive Gold, EMC Product Director as he discusses ways of utilising these advancements to better leverage your VMWare, Microsoft and/or Oracle environments.

Also guest speaker Euan Upston, Chief Operating Officer at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), will present a case study outlining his approach to Simple and Flexible Storage.

Join EMC's Microsoft Solution Principal Jonathon Hatchuel to hear how EMC can help you:

- Increase performance from your existing infrastructure
- Determine a baseline for monitoring and analysis in the future
- Understand monitors and counters
- Identify the key performance categories
- Analyse performance counters
- Understand the EMC Performance Monitoring and Analysis (PMA) Service
- Develop strategies for on-going performance monitoring and analysis.